Grid-ML XML Schema Viewer

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A lightning fast and intuitive tool for viewing and searching XML Schemas.

How it works

Upload a schema
Upload a schema

Grid-ML supports both standard and proprietary schemas. Schemas are often composed by multiple files, but don't worry, we will guide you through process.

Select a subset
Select a subset

Grid-ML allows you to specify which sub-set of the schema you want to search. That comes in handy for schemas that provide multiple options of top-level elements.

Start searching
Start searching

Simply enter the term you’re looking for and Grid-ML will automatically search your schemas as you type.

Rinse and Repeat

Set up as many schemas and root nodes as you need and feel free to modify your settings at any time. Grid-ML remembers your configuration when you log back in, so you can continue your work where you left it off.

Get search results immediately as you type.

See all the information you need in one screen.

MISMO Model Viewer

Search across multiple schemas at once.

Move through the schema tabs with just one click.
Quickly see how an item is represented in different schemas and versions.
Filter by node type to hone in to the relevant items.

Search across multiple namespaces and source files.

Quickly find what you are looking for without having to deal with multiple source files, includes, and imports.

Discover all the occurrences of an item

Navigate through the pruned tree to explore all the locations where an item occurs.

See all related information

Visualize ancestors and children of each item and see their description, type details, and enumerated values.

See all related documentation

See the node definition, type details, and enumerated values as you navigate through the items.

Jump to related standards

Click on RFCs, USPS, and other specification references to go directly to their website.

Avoid typing altogether

Once you find the appropriate item, simply copy and paste it into
Word, Excel, Google Docs, or Google Sheets.

XPath and JSON Path

You can copy the full path or only the node name, with or without its definition.
If you include the definition, you can paste both into adjacent cells in Excel with just one click.

Use XPath for XML specifications or
choose JSON to support development languages like JAVA, Javascript, and C#.

Grid-ML XML Schema Viewer

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A lightning fast and intuitive tool for viewing and searching XML Schemas.