Grid-ML Security

Grid-ML is committed to keeping your data private and secure. Below are the details of our security practices. For more information, see our Privacy Policy.

Cloud Provider

Grid-ML runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the World's leading provider of secure computing infrastructure. We selected AWS because of their advanced security practices and compliance certifications.

Learn more about AWS Cloud Security

Encrypted Connections

To ensure your privacy, all network communication between your computer and the Grid-ML servers uses a 256-bit encrypted connection via TLS 1.2.

Learn more about TLS 1.2

Encrypted Storage

All customer data stored in our servers is encrypted using AES-256.

Learn more about AES-256

Key Management

Grid-ML's cryptographic keys are stored securely using Amazon’s Key Management Services.

User Credentials

To protect your user name and password, Grid-ML utilizes an industry-leading identity management provider, which meets multiple security and compliance requirements, including those for highly regulated organizations.

Server Patching

Grid-ML utilizes technologies that automatically keeps all servers patched with the latest security updates.

Grid-ML XML Schema Viewer

high performance

A lightning fast and intuitive tool for viewing and searching XML Schemas.